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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The ATTIC (dun dun DUUUUUUN!)

Ophelia and I were employed ($$$) by our generous parents to clean out the attic. The job is messy and hot, and because I"M so generous, I thought I'd share the experience with you.

I'm not a very good photographer, so here's a very blurry picture of a slightly dehydrated Ophelia. The attic is about 400 degrees in summer.
Ahem. A really bad photographer.
Ophie, investigating the contents of a large box.
Something's sucking her into the large box!!!! What could it be?

Ophie, we're losing you!

The attic is difficult to enter.

Especially with the added challenge of getting over all the junk we threw down the ladder:

Here I am, in a slightly dorky picture Ophe snapped before I attempted the difficult journey down.
Awwww. There's me, slightly dazed and stunned by the flash that just went off in my eyes.
Okay, my arm???? Things are a little more difficult...
Now one must stretch from the secure latter (as shown in the picture above) and leap over the aforesaid junk (ahem. "hurdles") to grasp (In the air, Chuck Norris) the ledge of the upper door-frame.

If I'm slightly unphotogenic in this picture, it's because I'm screaming through my teeth, "Snap the picture now, Ophie, now!"


Marian said...

That picture with the ladder is almost like something from a movie! =)

Which Hornblower movie is your favourite, the Gregory Peck version or the Ioan Gruffudd versions?

Bracie said...

Ioan Gruffudd!!!!!

All the way. And you'd better believe I'll post 'bout that amazing series one of these days. What about you?

Marian said...

The same! =) I've seen the Peck movie, but I really really do not like the second half of it (because of the story, not the actors). I like the Gruffudd series better than the books, actually, though I've only read Midshipman and Lieutenant. The characters are so much better in the TV series! Lt Bush is my favourite. :D

Karen said...

Okay, you simply must explain why you tagged this post "Things I love"...
(It must be because of your wonderful sister, am I right? Or is there more to the lovin' - you're ENJOYING this attic adventure, maybe??)

Mrs. Eeeeee

Bracie said...

I confess, I do love our adventures. Even though I complain, we do fun things through our "projects." And yes, I do love my sister... and swinging from the doorframe.

Bethany said...

Oh, haha, last night [at 10 pm] I had to venture into our attic for sleeping bags and such for our trip.
There's always a slight danger of having something fall on you in there.
I came downstairs and said to my dad, "I got trapped. Actually I didn't so much get trapped as I got comfy." Hoots of laughter,